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  1. UGC from Sigma Beauty

    Fact: opinions of friends and family members – and sometimes even strangers – are more powerful than any advertising a company might pay for. The point is to be so good that your customers not only think about you, but also talk about you – The Snapcious way. The power of […]

  2. Looking to connect with your audience? Don’t rely on words to start conversations; use images to communicate instead. With more and more competition for our increasingly short attention spans, it’s no wonder we are seeing an increased reliance on visuals as the leading form of communication across the web. Technology, coupled […]

  3. 1011606_10155209909410005_8978835040164008667_n

    Today’s SNAPCIOUS Staff Pick: Like Yogi Berra says, “You can observe a lot just by watchin’.” Mission: Here and Now Player: LostAngelino Title: “Catching the last rays of sunset” ‪#‎sunset‬ ‪#‎humans‬ ‪#‎photography‬ ‪#‎snapcious‬ Join the game!

  4. (Image via Original source: Science Gallery Dublin)

    We don’t know whether this is world-record performance art or just a wicked case of OCD, but check this guy out: Alberto Frigo has been photographing everything his right hand touches – for the past 11 years. He’s joined a gallery show in Dublin, launched a suitably exhaustive website and […]

  5. 10334396_10155187671380005_465625792510311303_n

    Today’s SNAPCIOUS Staff Pick: Fearsome beastie!!! Category: Wanderlust Mission: Spotted in the wild Player: @MelMWells Title: Roar! #cats #wildlife #snapcious #PlayWithYourEyes

  6. Snow will not stop us!

    We @Snapcious love to share stories of amazing campaigns from brands who understand the power of their community. Empowering one’s fans to be creative, story tellers via photographs are the foundation of our social game platform. As we deliver direct mobile engagement, offer additional features, and create a rewarding experience for all users, we’ll make […]

  7. 943_12402_BcRNuEFThfIOIwiTmhlw3LpjO8KPMyGN_l

    Todays SNAPCIOUS Staff Pick: Alien landscape? Movie FX? Nope – a tiny garden miracle. Gorgeous nature closeup. Mission: Still Life Player: storyweaver Title: Amaryllis in the sun #flowers #macro #closeup #PlayWithYourEyes

  8. 738_12376_9GrGqcyL2GIKq3dCzGWKiiTdmAgnkIzR_l

    Today’s SNAPCIOUS Staff Pick: Whoa! Sometimes a great snap is just a case of right place, wrong time. One of our players narrowly avoided having her car melted to grab this snap. Stay safe, you guys! Category: Action Mission: Spontaneous combustion Player: raquelle.rocha Title: particularly hot this morning on Laurel […]

  9. How the picture tells a story

      Most individuals spend 80 % of their time across 5 apps today. What will it take to even make it into your customers top 10? Most companies today, push information to their customers and offer transaction capabilities. What they should focus on is the entire experience around each mobile moment. […]

  10. 982_12301_TZEV3HGAbQwZMRtRKHAcL728BsKxEEqX_l

    Today’s SNAPCIOUS Staff Pick: Action, grace and the elements combined in one magnificent snap! Mission: Animals Player: Hye5 Title: Nice day for a swim #dolphins #naturephotography #snapcious #PlayWithYourEyes

  11. Mobile gaming

    Jeffrey K. Rohrs, VP of marketing insights for @Salesforce shares insights from their 2015 State of Marketing Survey, expecting 34% of marketers worldwide to launch a #mobile app this year. “There is no “build it and they will come” in today’s #mobile #app landscape; you must have a plan not only to drive […]

  12. Salesforce State of Marketing - Mobile Technology

    Whether you are telling a story or sharing important #marketing data, here is a great example how images  convey each point. Heike Young @Salesforce shares key 2015 marketing trends. Which one is your favorite visual? Feel free to share other images or GIFs to convey similar themes. With our @Snapcious #brand platform, we […]

  13. 10941849_10155078021520005_1250248141920817145_n

    Today’s SNAPCIOUS Staff Pick: So much depends on what we can’t see. Snap what matters most! Category: Pop Culture Mission: This is SO under-rated Player: raquelle.rocha Title: Earthworms’ role in garden goes unnoticed #worms #closeups #macro #snapcious #PlayWithYourEyes

  14. 10606544_10155065668290005_2861956636443278793_n

    Today’s SNAPCIOUS Staff Pick: What makes a great selfie? Confidence, looks and raw, in-your-face attitude. Mission: Selfies Player: peash Title: Feeling cute today #selfie #greeneyes #snapcious #PlayWithYourEyes

  15. Crowdsourcing

    As we see an increasing number of smartphone adoption across the world, and greater engagement across social networks, the number of images shared everyday tops 1.8 billion photos a day! A picture is worth a 1,000 words, it’s not surprising to see brands wanting in on the action. The team at Simply Measured looked at the […]

  16. image

    Today’s SNAPCIOUS Staff Pick: Focused on the little things, you see some of the biggest. Mission: Still Life Player: nyattitude Title: A single saffron bloom in the snows of Kashmir. Hope for the future after the flood. #wildflowers #closeup #spring #PlayWithYourEyes

  17. 738_11969_CYjN47MwXFiSRGXpeABwewjykgBsfjSi_l

    Today’s SNAPCIOUS Staff Pick: Slip the surly bonds of earth and join the fire in the air. Mission: Here and Now Player: Raquelle.rocha Title: 7am ascent, BUR-SEA #seahawks #aerialphoto #sunset #PlayWithYourEyes

  18. imrs

    Americans are, by and large, insulated from the true costs of war. We grumble about the impact on our taxes, argue morality in online comment threads, and heave collective groans and/or cheers when Congress acts to move out of – or into – combat. But when it comes down to […]

  19. 10431693_10154737107155005_3656565661269514295_n

    Yes indeed, it’s HALLOWEEN, the most visually delicious holiday of the year! Today’s SNAPCIOUS Staff Pick is a gruesomely gorgeous and possibly edible monstrosity. Are you playing SNAPCIOUS yet? Category: Animals Mission: Any snap! Player: @nyattitude Title: Loch Ness monster … Cooked! #halloween #monsters #exoticfood #cthulu #PlayEithYourEyes Get Snapcious

  20. 10449486_10154681913415005_7026599292050056622_n

    Today’s @Snapcious Staff Pick: A bedtime symphony in red and tan. Mission: Animals Player: @MelMWells Title: Ice cream & cuddles before bed Http:// #pets #snuggle #PlayWithYourEyes

  21. 10689810_10154673145750005_1206022039174254729_n

    Today’s @Snapcious Staff Pick: Innocent or deadly? Don’t guess … Category: Food Player: @markgkehr Title: Friend or fiend? Http:// #PlayWithYourEyes

  22. 738_10975_ljfDotcRBYirNsvQfIXM6AFRTm3IT9qF_l

    Today’s @Snapcious Staff Pick: Beauty defined: Patterns and expectant mother’s embrace of the life yet to arrive Category: Chaos Mission: Angels, angles or bangles Player: raquelle.rocha Title: Angels under angles and bangles Http:// #PlayWithYourEyes

  23. girls

    Photography creates a global understanding of where we have been as humans – and context for where we’re headed. As Snapcious co-founder Yael Swerdlow is fond of saying about her profession, “Photojournalists create the rough draft of history.” Distractify has dared to pull together a sobering collection of 75 photos […]

  24. 15427_10154585456530005_4745424998594788529_n

    Today’s @Snapcious Staff Pick: For us, the fun is seeing now cleverly Snapcious players interpret each day’s new mission. Category: Wanderlust Mission: The world’s at my feet! Player: MelMWells Title: “The world at my feet …” #PlayWithYourEyes

  25. Looks like Apple finally put some of its considerable tech acumen into trying to improve its lackluster cameras. Photographer Austin Mann ran some meticulous side-by-side tests in gorgeous Iceland, pitting the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus against the iPhone 5, and the new gear outperforms the old on […]

  26. 1512739_10154572488300005_5599713796559028177_n

    Today’s @Snapcious Staff Pick: Sometimes the subtle human moments your camera captures speak the loudest. #PlayWithYourEyes #immunization #ouch Player: @TheBloggingPressman Category: Science Mission: Psychology Title: “He doesn’t know he’s about to receive immunizations, ouch”

  27. Photo by raquelle.rocha

    Today’s @Snapcious Staff Pick: Wherever you wander, the people around you make the best photos Player: raquelle.rocha Category: Wanderlust Mission: The sun, the stars and you Title: “Dreaming in sunlit window”

  28. Big news! At long last, our mighty devteam has built, debugged and released Snapcious for Android. Install it, play your cleverest photos, share the link, and let us know what you think!

  29. As Los Angeles-based entrepreneurs with mad love for our hometown, we just had to jump behind this: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has launched a campaign to bring the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum to L.A. Snapcious decided to throw the power of our photo-sharing platform behind the campaign because: We’re […]

  30. Old photojournalism koan: Q: What’s the best camera? A: The one you have with you. For image quality, the average “prosumer” SLR will absolutely crush any photo captured by your paltry 8MP, fixed-lens iPhone 5S. You can’t beat big glass and big sensors for sharpness, clarity and color-correctness. But if […]